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About Lisa Ammons

Doing What You Like Is Freedom

Yep, that kind of says it all right? Doing something you enjoy is liberating so if you can,  you should. I speak to so many people and often hear them say  "I'll do that someday" or "That's on my bucket list".  You see one of the things that's great about selling homes is that I can actually help make dreams come true. Now it's not like I have a magic wand or something, I just provide the tools and information to help people make educated decisions.  The bottom line is you just have to focus on it and want it.

Here in the Treasure Coast my day starts with the beautiful sun rising over the ocean with a hot cup of Starbucks in my hand. I don't shovel snow, put on boots or use the heat. I advise, I don't sell, and I work hard because my customers are important to me. I am thankful everyday  that I live in this wonderful paradise and I get to do what I want. In a nut shell, I show clients what the 772 lifestyle is all about and I am grateful that I get to.

Lisa Ammons!

Endless Choices For Recreation

Yes, the fact that we have warm weather most of the year will give you ample opportunities to get out and join in the action. Recreational water sports, golfing, fishing and sunbathing  are just a few of the things you can do here in the Treasure Coast. Over the past few years paddle board has …
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