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Sunny Skies and Warm Weather! Yes….these are a few of my favorite things.

Jensen Beach, Florida

One of the things that will take you very little time to get used to is “warm weather” in south Florida, believe me it’s true. Like many people from the north you may be concerned that you can’t handle the heat. Yea, I get it. I moved here from Michigan and my first Christmas I was a bit depressed. I was in shorts and a tank top opening my presents and the AC was blowing hard for sure. For many people who have moved here from the north the heat will make you think  that you’re going through menopause early, but not to worry, it’s just the beautiful Florida sun slapping you around a little. I remember telling my mother “if this is what it’s like when you turn 50 just kill me now” ! But the truth is, the heat is not that bad ladies and gentlemen. By the time a person gets through a second year as a resident they will surely start complaining about any temperatures below 70. Believe me it happens.

I will also mention that you will not miss shoveling snow or scrapping ice off your windshield, because we don’t have any of that business here in the Treasure Coast, as the average temp is about 88 degrees. Here in Florida we do have some cold weather however. Yes, December through the end of February can provide for several cold weeks and it’s a nice seasonal change, but I must admit,  I find that after two weeks of 60 degree weather I’m over it. I’d rather have an 80 degree temperature for sure.

The Treasure Coast is perfectly located right along the eastern coast of Florida so we have the benefit of the Atlantic Ocean keeping the really bitter fronts from getting our temperatures down too low and I’m thankful for that. You can check out the climate data here if you want all the nitty gritty details about monthly temperatures or you can just shoot me an email,  I’m happy to tell you it’s 78 degrees in December.

If you would like to check out some of the beautiful homes located here in the Treasure Coast you can see some really nice ones on this site via the search tab.   And of course, for information about Stuart, Jensen Beach, Palm City or Port St. Lucie real estate I’ve lived here in the Treasure Coast since 1977,  so,  I am your go to person. Just contact me.


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