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Friendly Shops and That Small Town Feeling

One of the things you can expect here in the Treasure Coast is a little bit of that laid back feeling.  Now don’t get me wrong, we are not some back woods, phoe dunk  area of Florida where there are no ATM’s. No sir,  we have a Macy’s, Starbucks and all of the retail goodies you might expect, ( and want)   however, we just have it on a smaller level. It’s called managed growth and why I love living hear.  In Martin County for instance, our comprehensive building plan allows for a maximum of four stories on any building. That’s right folk, no high rises in Martin county. We don’t want to be some concrete jungle with high density and this is one of the many reason people like it hear.

But what I really wanted to highlight is the fact that we believe in our locals and supporting them. We have an abundance of quaint boutiques and shops that complement our community. You know, the mom and pop stores with all of the Florida sunshine flavor you love.  That’s the Treasure Coast!

While you can expect that you will find everything you need to outfit your home from Home Goods to Home Depot. You’ll find, however, that the stores are close together and close to all of the spectacular waterfront views we have here in South Florida.  I love to dine and shop in our local businesses because you can go to a franchise store anytime.  You will find that each little city here in the Treasure Coast usually has a downtown area where the businesses are centralized, but truly the businesses are spread all over so rest assured you’ll have no problem finding your favorite.


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